Interagency Alternative Schools

IAS Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of IAS is to provide a safe, culturally responsive learning environment. We value each student’s unique ability to think creatively and critically. We nurture and develop resilient learners through high-quality, individualized instruction where personal goals are identified and fostered. We build positive relationships and believe all students are capable of success.

Vision Statement

Students will engage in self-discovery and develop self-efficacy. Students will gain insight into their strengths and interests to better envision and attain their goals while also serving their community.

IAS Equity Mission & Vision


At IAS we build the capacity of our staff to promote and embrace the current and future success and well-being of each student and adult by applying the knowledge, skills, and commitments necessary to develop and maintain a supportive, equitable, culturally responsive, and inclusive school culture through data driven dialogues that expand the minds and heart of our staff. 


IAS is expanding minds by touching hearts, to change lives for the better. 


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