Student Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Interagency Alternative Schools counseling department is to provide a safe, equitable and culturally responsive learning environment to all students.  The program strives to eliminate gaps in opportunity, access and achievement by providing intentional, evidenced-based activities and interventions to our school community.  The school counseling department collaborates with other educators and community stakeholders to advocate for equity, access and success for all students. We build positive relationships with students and work with them to identify barriers and develop goals toward academic, post-secondary and social-emotional success.  The school counseling department strives to inspire and empower every student to believe that they are capable and worthy of success. 

Our Vision

All students from the Interagency Alternative Schools engage in self-discovery and develop self-efficacy.  They gain insight into their strengths and interests, engage in positive relationships with members of their diverse community and persist to accomplish difficult tasks in order to overcome academic and personal barriers. Our students attain personal success and meet their academic, post-secondary and social-emotional goals through the practice of self-advocacy and accountability.  Our students are resilient and determined individuals who are  productive and valued members of their community.